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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

quirky pillows with pizazz

a winter wonderland and some colder weather has finally settled in over minnesota. mornings have found me admiring the hoar-frost on my backyard trees and has triggered an instict to sew. any other time of the year, sewing seems a bit of a waste of time. projects are only completed as a means to an end. but for some reason, winter allows me the luxury of being able to sew, simply for the sake of sewing.

earlier this winter i had the great pleasure of discovering a new clothing-only thrift store in downtown new london. sponsored by an area church, the store has lovely volunteer staff and piles of colorful clothing ready to be up-cycled into something fabulous.

earlier thrift store projects included; sweater pillows, sweater votives and sweater covered lamp shades. i later discovered some gorgeous wool and leather jackets begging to be purchased and re-purposed. the red pillows pictured above are created using an old wool blazer and is embellished with mismatch fabric covered buttons. the pillows also feature jacket pockets still in tact. the other photo allows a sneak peek at projects in process and a view of my messy fabric stash. sooooo many possibilities.

this post is a reminder to myself and my readers, to slow down this winter. allow yourself the luxury of creativity. open your mind to the creative use of new/old materials.

and remember always, to re-use, re-purpose and re-cycle.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

"baby it's cold outside"

almost on cue, minnesota's weather changed from an un-seasonably warm 50 degree tuesday to a "something below zero" wind chill wednesday, just in time for
the january sale at dancing goat.

AND baby it IS cold outside.

dancing goat is rockin the winter blues and snowy whites, with painted furniture and lamps. eco-chic accessories warm up the cool mood, with up-cycled sweater decorating accents.

you will find sweater vases, sweater pillows, sweater lamp-shades and sweater scarves, in shades of beige, aqua and cobalt blue.

skates, ski's and sleds add a touch of winter fun to the decorating landscape, while sweet heart pillows, created from a well worn chenille bedspread, leave spelled-out sentimments around the studio.

as always, the jewelry re-mix display is overflowing with glamorous baubles to dress up your winter day and the book purse selection is well stocked for that special gift buying or splurging opportunity.