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Saturday, April 23, 2011

flower power

vintage typewriter and inspiring text

it has continued to be a snowy minnesota spring and far too many of us norski gardeners have been going crazy waiting for the grass to green and the garden centers to open.  BUT inside dancing goat the flowers are in full BLOOM. 

dancing goat is an occasional store that specializes in uncycled chic fashions and decor.  we are  open the second weekend of every month and will next be open the weekend of may 12, 13 and 14. we are also often open be chance, just watch for the dancing goat signs on the sidewalk.  other special events  on our upcoming schedule include; ladies night out in new london on may 12th  and girlfriends night out on may 20th.  see  blog calendar for details.

come visit soon and see what is new!!  also be sure to check out the 'art classes' tab on the top of the page to learn about repurpose wednesdays, funky art classes for girls of all ages!!

swan planter waiting for a cascade of fresh flowers
upcycled chic - vintage plate garden flower stakes -